Rear Automatic Bike Light & Alarm Bell

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A8 adopts the latest technology and combines full-round functions in one small lamp with both audio & visual warning, including braking warning, making itself one of the best and cost effective rear lamp.

Optical Reflector. A8 has unique dome-shaped reflector which is patterned in grids arrangement. Such special structure reshapes LED illumination for optimized visual effect, while reducing direct dazzle to passers-by. The unique shape provides 200 degree wide scope visibility.

Smart Visual Warning. For regular rear visual warning, A8 has remote controller to manage the lamp. More importantly, A8 features in accurate braking warning. Lamp illuminates in highest brightness for 3 seconds when braking detected. The auto & manual modes for options provide cyclists more choice to get the desirable use.

Wireless Bell, Remote Call, Burglary Alert. Press the controller key, A8 rings loudly, audible in heavy traffic. With the remote controller, it’s easy to find your bike in parking lot. More importantly, A8 has induction or sensing to shock. When properly set, vibrations to the device will trigger off the siren and scare thieves away.

5V 2A Charging, 20-40Hrs Runtime. Priority given to electric safety, A8 supports up to 5V 2Amp input current, quicker for full charging, also safe to use with wide scope of battery bank or adaptors, whereas cheap regular rear lamps can only be safely charged with limited 0.25-0.5Amp.

Water Splash Proof. Optimal design and careful production ensure a water ingress sealing which is always needed for cycling in rain weather. IP65 rating.

Wide application. A8 has dual mount system for seatpost or saddle rail. With the quick mount system, it’s easy and simple to install or take off. Both the brackets for seatpost and saddle are enclosed. No need to pay extra.

Origin: CN(Origin)
Model Number: Antusi A8
Mounting Placement: Seatpost
Power Supply: Battery
Function: Audio visual warning
Light mode: 4 modes
Braking Light: Available
Alarm: One sound, DB115
Lamp Battery: Li-polymer 700mAH
Charging: 5V 2A
Runtime: 20-40 Hrs
Ingress protection: IP65
Mount: Both Seat post & Saddle
Origin: Made in China (Mainland)

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